The goal of this course is to communicate a fundamental knowledge of the components and design of flexibly automated systems in the area of manufacturing and assembly.

Vision systems will be able to be judged according to their functional capabilities, performance, and fields of application.

The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge to program industrial robots and industrial image processing systems. They know typical methods for programming SCARA- and jointed-arm robots. They know capabilities of vision systems in regard to position recognition, completeness check and shape and dimension check and can integrate these technologies into industrial applications.

The students know the necessary components that are suited for digital controlled drives. They know how to handle embedded real-time systems, multitasking programming and communication protocols. They are able to design and dimension basic circuits for power electronics (H-bridge), measurement technology (instrumentation amplifier) and digital electronics (PWM generator). They are able to design PCB prototypes considering the most important layout design rules. In the field of requirements engineering the Students know system and system context, they can ellicitate requirements and know how to document requirements. The students know the basics of the CE marking process.