The course provides basic information about basic terms using from the field of artificial intelligence and also provides basic description of some parts which can be classified as a method of artificial intelligence. This course is focused to present methods listed below:

- Problem Solving
- Fuzzy Logic
- Neural Networks
- Speech Recognition
- Face Recognition
- Evolutionary Algorithm
- Artificial Live

The course provides basic information about automation, control and information systems in preparation plants.

The course contains next basic modules:

- description of preparation technology (coal, ore, water ...)
- analysis of control and information flow
- support for ISO 9000 based quality control
- measurement of quality parameters
- measurement of quantity
- automation on main technological nodes
- information systems for preparation plant control
- information systems for sales control
- new trends

Overview about information systems for production control - MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

Eleven function of MES according MESA.

SCADA visualisation software.

Sensors type. Industrial buses.

JIT production.

Workflow control.

Advaced Planning Systems